Welcome to Rivertown Financial, LLC



Rivertown Financial is an Independent full service wealth management firm experienced to help clients navigate their financial future and freedom.  

Most of our clients have been with us for more than 20 years, and have come to rely on our consultative approach to wealth management. The four principles upon which we have built our business and will continue to uphold are:



We conduct business in a forthright and honest manner. We are committed to developing long-term relationships and earning our clients' trust.


We conform to the principles of conduct governing Investment Advice and we are accountable for everything we do.


We strive to understand the unique life situations of each individual client and provide service and flexibility to meet our clients' needs.


We are dedicated to supporting our clients in working toward their life goals and keeping our clients' on track to realize their financial freedom.


Our 4-Step Approach to Financial Freedom provides our clients with a clear, systematic vision about how we will devise a roadmap to help reach your financial objectives.





Understanding Your Financial Goals & Learning About Your Finances




Evaluating Your Risk Tolerance


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Evaluating Your Risk Tolerance

From a financial planning perspective, a person should take on the risk of investing for one major reason: to enhance the ability to achieve certain goals. Once we have a clear understanding of your financial goals, we will evaluate your financial risk tolerance and develop a risk profile. All investments have some form of risk, whether it's inflation eating away the returns of fixed-income investments such as bonds or the dramatic price swings of stocks. Simply put, risk tolerance is generally defined as how willing investors are to endure the fluctuating values of investments.



Developing a Unique Wealth Management Strategy


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Developing a Unique Wealth Management Strategy

Upon gathering information about your financial profile, your goals and objectives and your risk tolerance, we develop a unique wealth management strategy that addresses your needs and incorporates your individual time horizons.



Communicating Performance & Reviewing Financial Objectives


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Communicating Performance

Once we have implemented a strategy to achieve your specific financial milestones, we will frequently track the progress of your investments. If your financial objectives change, it is important to communicate them to us to make certain that your investments are still ideally suited to your goals. As market conditions change or you have new goals, sometimes it will be necessary to alter your plan to keep it aligned with your risk profile and the milestones you desire to achieve. Our promise and commitment to you is to design, build and modify plans and portfolios to meet your individual needs and address economic shifts as they occur.